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Online Personal Fitness Products

Silver Membership $199.00 For 3 Months Only $15.31 per Week
Gold Membership $359.00 For 6 Months Only $13.81 per Week

Online Personal Training and Nutrition

What is it?

Online training is similar to one on one personal training except that your trainer provides you with workouts and meal plans online rather than face to face. This allows you to receive professional advice, motivation and instruction on how to get the best results, no matter how, where or when you like to train. We have developed Time Managed Fitness and Demand and Supply Nutrition to help you reach your goals.

Time Managed Fitness is a system that allows you to use your time most effectively. Whether you can exercise only 30 minutes a week or 1 hour every day, we will show you the most useful way to achieve your goals. Fitness should work into your lifestyle, and not the reverse! Time Managed Fitness is not the latest fitness gimmick which over promises and under delivers. The aims of this program are simply to increase your strength and fitness with a practical, well proven approach. Take the guess work out of your training and get on track for your strongest and leanest body ever!

Demand and supply Nutrition is a system which caters to your weight goals. If your aim is weight reduction, then Demand and Supply Nutrition will customize a meal plan that helps you lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. If your goal is weight gain, we will provide you with a plan that adds lean muscle mass while keeping your body fat low. By keeping track of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats) and consuming them in correct quantities at the appropriate times, we can make sure that the body strips fat effectively while maintaining or adding lean muscle. Body composition is also dependent upon effectively manipulating your hormones. When your eating supports your hormones, your goals become more easily attainable. This is the key to an efficient, well functioning metabolism. You will never have to starve to achieve your dream body shape.

What you receive?

  • Online health assessment and questionnaire covering medical conditions, injuries, exercise habits, time availability, and goals.
  • Strength and fitness programs designed by an exercise professional to best suit your individual needs and goals.
  • Password to log in to your personal workout calendar and exercise programs
  • Access to an extensive video library of exercises to make sure you are performing an exercise correctly.
  • E-mail contact with your trainer to ask any questions or receive feedback on your progress
  • Training tips and advice from the latest research in exercise and nutrition.

Who will this work for?

  • Individuals who have a gym membership, but don’t use it enough because they lose motivation and become bored doing the same thing every week.
  • Individuals who train at a gym or at home and want to progress their training further.
  • Individuals who want the knowledge and accountability of having a personal trainer but can’t afford to see one every week.
  • Individuals who train at home or travel a lot with work and need an exercise program they can do anywhere with minimal equipment.
  • Athletes who want to take their performance to the next level.

"Studies have shown that individuals who received weekly online training lost three times as much weight in six months as those that just had access to information about diet and exercise online." Journal of the American Medical Association

What does it cost?

Silver Membership $199.00 For 3 Months Only $15.31 per Week
Gold Membership $359.00 For 6 Months Only $13.81 per Week